How to optimise your production

With the EmulsiCut you can cut and emulsify in one step according to the rotor-stator principle.

This means for you:

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That is why you need to act now

Rising energy prices

At the moment, there is no end in sight to the price increases for gas and electricity. You need machines that offer maximum production output with minimum energy consumption.

Hygiene requirements

No food company can afford a scandal because of poor hygiene. Your machines must guarantee maximum hygiene.

Threat of production losses

Shortage of skilled workers and pandemic cause production losses due to staff shortages. You can only counteract a production standstill by using machines that are easy to operate and guarantee maximum availability.

Falling purchasing power

Inflation reduces the purchasing power of your customers. You will not be able to fully pass on your increased costs to customers if you want to stay in the market. You need to increase the efficiency of your production in order to be able to offer your customers an affordable product.

Quality requirements

High quality is your strongest selling point. Therefore, only rely on machines that guarantee you this quality for a long time.


Economy is in turmoil and not every company will manage to stay in the market. You need to act now and make smart investments to secure your position in the market.

What do our customers say about us?

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Anton Le Roux

Regional Director
Freddy Hirsch Group (Pty) Ltd.

What do our customers say about us?

I would like to compliment you on the LIEDER Emulsifiers that have been delivered to our company in South Africa.
I can confirm that the quality of the workmanship, compared to the previous company we used, is like chalk of cheese from the point of:

We are looking forward to work closely with you in the future, with the LIEDER brand of emulsifiers.

Let yourself be inspired by the LIEDER EmulsiCut

EmulsiCut ECH-H

Your guarantee for efficiency

More efficient than a bowl chopper, with low energy consumption and excellent product quality.

The cutting system works according to the rotor-stator principle. The cutting blades are mounted on the cutting ring at a fixed distance between 0.2 and 3 mm from each other. The cutting head is rotating inside of the cutting ring with a motor speed of 3000 rpm. The distance between the cutting head and the blades is approximately 0.1 mm, there is no contact between the cutting ring and the cutting head.

The emulsifier can easily be placed under your mincer or cutter outlet.

Your guarantee for efficiency

LIEDER RobotFoodTechnologies EmulsiCut

Cutting tools

150mm double
180mm double


7,5 or 11 kW
22 or 30 kW
45 or 55 kW
75 or 90 kW

Throughput (t/h)

0.6 – 0.8
1.5 – 2.5
2 – 3.5
3.5 – 5

Why the EmulsiCut is the best choice for your production

Economical and user-friendly

About the company LIEDER

Über Lieder - Unser Team

LIEDER machines have been known for their high quality, reliability and long service life for more than 75 years.

As a medium-sized company that produces exclusively in Germany, we stand for responsible and high-quality mechanical engineering. High quality, both in the selection of components and in the planning and design of our machines, is always our top priority.

Über Lieder - Unser Team